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IP camera

"ONVIF" means Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) is the latest protocols for video streaming, storage and recording. Being with ONVIF protocols, each of IP network based equipment like cameras and NVRs can compatible each other without conflict. ONVIF member includes majority of security manufacturers like Axis, BOSCH, SONY, Samsung, Honeywell, Hitachi...etc. 720P and 1080P is a standard HDTV resolution. We are providing 1.3MP 720P IP camera which can provide video resolution at 1280*720P in real time, more over, we can providing 3 megapixel 1080P IP cameras, which can provide super high quality resolution at 2048×1536P. Latest 5 mega-pixel 1080P IP camera providing super highest resolution of 2560×1920P. All our IP security cameras are based on TI DM365/DM368 processor design, TI DM368 is the latest video and audio compression, decompression, streaming and storage chipset from Texas Instruments.
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